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I am. Stuck at stage 2-3. There must be something obvious im missing

Okay, 2-3 I made a bad mistake at first as well.
First of all: It is important that you block 3 ways. The one above, the left and underneath the blue spot. Then I'd set a vaguard to farm yourself some DP. In my teams I use Fang for that role but anyone who automatically regains DP is good. Then when you have enough DP put down a good defender. On the high-levels position a sniper at the right top into the direction of where they come. The other spots I'd give to 2 mages and maybe a healer. You could also put the healer onto the field that's closest to the goal and aimed at the right. As for the casters I'd recommend to have at least one slower in your team. Earthspirit or Orchid would be choices. Since there are crossbowmen coming expect some of your sniper/caster/Healer to die.

I'd need to see a positioning list (for example a screenshot) to see where exactly the flaw in positioning could be though. I do hope though that this could help you a bit.

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In general you can block anything as long as there is still a path left to the blue and no path gets completely blocked.

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blocking the underneath answers the question of those big nasty bois yeah. but i was kinda confused on what i can and what i cannot block so i didn't figure it out :( but now i did! thanks!!

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The one underneath is the most important thing. The others are depending on your own strategy but the one underneath yeah because there you can't defend properly.

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wait i get it now!!! blocking underneath the blue makes stuff so much easier!!!

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so i got it almost right! I did block three ways, and i did get Orchid. My main problem is what to do with those huge guys from the bottom right corner that won't stop coming, since casters/snipers only barely reach them from available positions. Thank you!

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