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Alrighty! Pilica here, 22, from Switzerland, feel free to ask me anything about myself!

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I don't have a vent blog and I've been informed this is actually abnormal

pilica-nevarya -

It ain't abnormal. I don't have one either. Don't worry 'bout that.

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I've never had vent blogs, I just cry about everything on main ;n; I do know that a few years back on tumblr a friend of mine made a vent blog because the read more + blacklists didn't work on mobile and they didn't want to "expose people to really negative things without their consent", so that might have something to do with it? I can only speak for them and myself, though, obvs.

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The only reason I would have a so called vent blog (so called because i mean come on ahve you seen what I usually am going on about?) is so that I could sequester away certain thoughts from certain people (usually folks I know irl).

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i dont have one either! i was considering making a diff blog to kinda separate out the stuff i post into happy vs uhh not-happy/potentially upsetting but then i decided "yakno what if ppl are blocking the tags that bother them that shouldnt be a problem anyway?"

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I don't have a vent blog

I dump my depression on main once a fortnight like god intended

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my main is my vent blog.

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It ain't abnormal. I don't have one either. Don't worry 'bout that.

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