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Alrighty! Pilica here, 22, from Switzerland, feel free to ask me anything about myself!

Creative stuff (art/writing/OCs) go to my creativity blog @pilica-creative! So when I like some art I will also reblog it to that blog over there! jsyk!

timeskip asked:

⭐ :D

Well hello there!

⭐ I have way too many projects and way too few time. I am parallel writing iirc 5 stories (pillars of fate, dreamwanderer, Inuzuma, aaand some I didn't set on titles yet), not to mention trying to improve my digital art (which I post on my art blog), making refs for all my OCs, etc. etc. Pluuuuus my joy of rpgs, mod duties on Eldarya and wanting to read and game all together. A day should have more than 24 hours.

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