Okay I was just again on tumblr and I am already hating it again. Especially this time around with some of the tendencies it has so... I'd want to formulate a little wish to the waterfall community since pride month comes up: (feel free to add on)

- Do NOT spread hate towards cishets. With that I mean stuff like "Cishets are the devil/the worst and should die" etc. Why? With this you ARE turning allies and potential allies away. INSTEAD call the nasty ones by their name: Transphobes, homophobes, aphobes, etc.. Because that is what you hate isn't it? Cishets do nothing wrong by merely existing such as no one in the LGBTQ+ community does anything wrong by merely existing. Projecting your hate on the awful individuals onto the whole group is only going to do bad and guess what? Increases the hate towards each other. Especially if cishets from countries where such mentalities are not the norm are reading it they will NOT understand where your hate comes from towards all of them and if they are greeted by such messages they will have no motivation to even find out.

- Queer/"q slur": It is a word with history we all know that. A history of being used as a slur AND an empowering word. "We're here, we're queer - get used to it!" No one HAS to reclaim it but there are many people who do, since decades. If you do not feel comfortable being called queer that is fine and you have every right for that. On that topic: A general post having the word queer in it does not refer to you personally and you personally were NOT called queer. It is just an umbrella term. It is not used everywhere as a slur in some countries queer is the umbrella term to go to where everyone is included. Gay is used as a slur in multiple countries as well, same with lesbian. You will never find a bigger term that is free of being used as a slur. It is important that we understand our different preferences in this aspect: If someone calls you personally queer you tell them you don't want to be refered to that. They should excuse and stop using it for you. End of story. If the elders in the community can accept their different opinions on this and move on so can we. I trust the waterfall community to handle this good.

- Please don't turn it into a competition on who is more oppressed. It's not "Who's the most oppressed?!"-month. It's pride month. Take pride in WHO you are! Support each other instead of going "You aren't as oppressed as me so shut the fuck up!".

- Not just a pride month thing but in general: Subcommunities are fine and well but for the love of anything: Stop that categorial thinking! We are all different yet the same. We all know some form of oppression and violence towards us even if it is differing. We, as a community, should know the best how it is to be excluded so why are we excluding each other? And it's not just an internet thing. Just the day ago I was calling with a gay friend of mine who's leading a queer-youth group in the city who wanted to invite a nb friend of his and got the response "how many white cis gays are there?". Who cares? Such groups and the internet are there for communication and exchange! We all can learn from each other. Especially in a group focusing on such a topic there should be an accepting, understanding and tolerance to each other.


Very good points

Can i also add that not everyone whos an exclusionist/transphobe is straight and cis :) so by directing your hate to just cishets is uhhh not very constructive because youre saying other members in the LGBTQ+ community get a pass on being hateful when they Do Not

Lesbians and gays dont get a pass on being bi/pan/a/transphobic

Bisexuals do not get a pass on being pan/a/trans/homo/lesbophobic

And transmeds sure as HELL dont get a fucking pass being enby/transphobic

Etc etc

Not Everyone Who Breeds Hate Is Straight And Cis please remember that


Exactly no one gets a pass on being any kind of -phobic. Thanks for the addition.

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Exactly no one gets a pass on being any kind of -phobic. Thanks for the addition.

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Very good points

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