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Okay I know you guys all already know that I love Steward but... he's also such a good assistant! Like not only is he a good operator in combat! He's also smart! And knows how to adapt and observe! And he's so caring! Like... let me show you his voice lines that show it! (From which I need to unlock exactly one more with more trust still-)

When you appoint him as an assistant:
"Welcome back, Doctor. Steward at your service."

When you wait a bit in the home menu:
"Are you tired, doctor? Please take a good rest, Doctor. Rhodes Island will need your skills tomorrow."

Normal conversation:
"People often say our fur has the 'color of snow'. Doctor, have you ever seen snow?"
"I didn't expect to meet someone from my race here. Is that kid looking for someone? I can understand... Oh, it's nothing much."
"Steward is my last name, as well as my code name as an Operator. You should be able to tell what my ancestors used to do from my last name."

When you promote him:
"I'm glad you are satisfied with my work. Master Dobermann will be happy too."

Talk after promotion:
"Ms. Lava has a very distinct fighting style. I thought she was going to cast with her book, but her real casting tool was a dagger. Her style reminds me of that psychic who taught me Arts."

Talk after Trust increase 1:
"It is my honor to work for you, Doctor. If possible, I hope you can treat Ms. Melantha better. She is always by herself..."

Talk after Trust increase 2:
"Adnachiel is a mysterious one... No one can tell what he is thinking."

"Caster Steward reporting in. I'm glad to be working with you."

When you lvl him up:
"I have learned a lot. Thank you."

Added to Squad:
"Hey everyone, what can I do for you?"

Appointed to squad leader:
"Cardigan, always read the situation before you take an action."

4-Star result:
"With proper strategy, we can handle any tough situation."

3-Star result:
"A perfect victory. Good work, everyone!"

Sub 3-star result:
"Ansel, please check if anyone is hurt and prepare for our next battle."

Operation failure:
"Maybe we did something incorrectly..."

Assigning to Facility:
"Is that you, Cardigan? Hey, wait, don't touch the equipment!"