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Alrighty! Pilica here, 22, from Switzerland, feel free to ask me anything about myself!

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sad--max asked:

2!!!!! In general djsjdndf

2. Favorite Villain

Wow first of all, as someone who likes a lot of villains you legally cannot do that to me-... But hmmm if I had to chose it would be:

Shougo Makishima from Psycho-Pass

I love him as a character and actually as a person I can get very much behind him. He does a lot of bad things, sure, he is a villain after all. But when you look at the setting of Psycho-Pass and the society, it gets clearly obvious how he ended up like this as someone invisible to the Sibyll-System and therefore to the world itself.

Also... we share an almost uneasy amount of mindsets but well I guess that's why I would be a villain if I were an anime-character XD

But yes: Shougo Makishima from Psycho-Pass. No chance for anyone else to get close to that.

timeskip asked:

⭐ :D

Well hello there!

⭐ I have way too many projects and way too few time. I am parallel writing iirc 5 stories (pillars of fate, dreamwanderer, Inuzuma, aaand some I didn't set on titles yet), not to mention trying to improve my digital art (which I post on my art blog), making refs for all my OCs, etc. etc. Pluuuuus my joy of rpgs, mod duties on Eldarya and wanting to read and game all together. A day should have more than 24 hours.

goropancakechi asked:


⭐ Since it literally just happened: I regularly forget that my browser does not seem to support the right click + paste here on waterfall and I instead have to do ctrl+v.

⭐ Idk if I already told that but! I'm a psychology student in Switzerland. Today I had an exam: statistics.

babushka asked:

Hey, speaking of arknights, is the game actually playable? I am just starting it but i'm afraid that the same what happened with food fantasy happens: i was playing it, spending ages to get to the next level and spending resources of fancy characters just because they're fancy but never had enough resources to upgrade them and actually use in battle. Is arknights more user-friendly and less money-demanding in this sence? I heard that yes.

Yes the game is playable! With all 5 levels you unlock two boxes with Currency + resources. One of them is free and the other one costs Originium (1-3-5-8 I encountered as costs so far) which you can get for clearing a stage with 3-stars + when you clear it in challenge mode. Also for resources gain you can farm them in the supply stages sure it costs time BUT at the same time you lvl up your level plus increase the trust of your operators and when you cleared the supply stage with 3 stars you can let auto-deploy do the work.

Obviously 3-star operators are easier to upgrade than others but you can do the others as well once you get the hang of it they just need chips which you can get from the chips supply.

Also in the main stages I don't know if you've already seen it but they teach you some useful strategies and give you the operator you can use with it on top in the tutorial stages. Also resources to upgrade you get from the normal play through as well. Maybe more low-level but in your workshop in the base you can convert them into higher level ones.

In conclusion: Yes I'd say it is pretty user-friendly and less money-demanding. And especially in the beginning you have way more than enough sanity to proceed. Just around the third/fourth chapter though you sometimes have to wait for it recovering if you don't want to spend anything and use most of your stamina to farm resources yk... like I do XD