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Alrighty! Pilica here, 22, from Switzerland, feel free to ask me anything about myself!

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sad--max asked:

2!!!!! In general djsjdndf

2. Favorite Villain

Wow first of all, as someone who likes a lot of villains you legally cannot do that to me-... But hmmm if I had to chose it would be:

Shougo Makishima from Psycho-Pass

I love him as a character and actually as a person I can get very much behind him. He does a lot of bad things, sure, he is a villain after all. But when you look at the setting of Psycho-Pass and the society, it gets clearly obvious how he ended up like this as someone invisible to the Sibyll-System and therefore to the world itself.

Also... we share an almost uneasy amount of mindsets but well I guess that's why I would be a villain if I were an anime-character XD

But yes: Shougo Makishima from Psycho-Pass. No chance for anyone else to get close to that.

timeskip asked:

⭐ :D

Well hello there!

⭐ I have way too many projects and way too few time. I am parallel writing iirc 5 stories (pillars of fate, dreamwanderer, Inuzuma, aaand some I didn't set on titles yet), not to mention trying to improve my digital art (which I post on my art blog), making refs for all my OCs, etc. etc. Pluuuuus my joy of rpgs, mod duties on Eldarya and wanting to read and game all together. A day should have more than 24 hours.

goropancakechi asked:


⭐ Since it literally just happened: I regularly forget that my browser does not seem to support the right click + paste here on waterfall and I instead have to do ctrl+v.

⭐ Idk if I already told that but! I'm a psychology student in Switzerland. Today I had an exam: statistics.