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Hell yeah I finished the Contingency Contract today on S-rank finally! It needed me to E2 Siege for it but it was worth it!

Finally REED is in Arknights. Dragon wife! Hype!

Also my cat just went on my phone which was in the main menu of Arknights. Idk how but she managed to open the Operator page AND open Warfarin's page.

kana7o -

hopefully this offering will bring them home together


pilica-nevarya -

You did it! You did great!

babushka asked:

I am. Stuck at stage 2-3. There must be something obvious im missing

Okay, 2-3 I made a bad mistake at first as well.
First of all: It is important that you block 3 ways. The one above, the left and underneath the blue spot. Then I'd set a vaguard to farm yourself some DP. In my teams I use Fang for that role but anyone who automatically regains DP is good. Then when you have enough DP put down a good defender. On the high-levels position a sniper at the right top into the direction of where they come. The other spots I'd give to 2 mages and maybe a healer. You could also put the healer onto the field that's closest to the goal and aimed at the right. As for the casters I'd recommend to have at least one slower in your team. Earthspirit or Orchid would be choices. Since there are crossbowmen coming expect some of your sniper/caster/Healer to die.

I'd need to see a positioning list (for example a screenshot) to see where exactly the flaw in positioning could be though. I do hope though that this could help you a bit.

SilverAsh Elite 2

Aaand the second Elite 2 promotion follows! Here we have SilverAsh!

Guess who just promoted her first Elite 2 Operator?! ME! Have some fancy Matterhorn!

@babushka it's your man

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pilica-nevarya -

YES! Elite 2 gives them a special skin! So... 4*+ get one! Today I managed to promote Matterhorn and hopefully tomorrow SilverAsh will follow! (After all... Matterhorn is his bodyguard!)

Guess who just promoted her first Elite 2 Operator?! ME! Have some fancy Matterhorn!

@babushka it's your man

Okay I know you guys all already know that I love Steward but... he's also such a good assistant! Like not only is he a good operator in combat! He's also smart! And knows how to adapt and observe! And he's so caring! Like... let me show you his voice lines that show it! (From which I need to unlock exactly one more with more trust still-)

When you appoint him as an assistant:
"Welcome back, Doctor. Steward at your service."

When you wait a bit in the home menu:
"Are you tired, doctor? Please take a good rest, Doctor. Rhodes Island will need your skills tomorrow."

Normal conversation:
"People often say our fur has the 'color of snow'. Doctor, have you ever seen snow?"
"I didn't expect to meet someone from my race here. Is that kid looking for someone? I can understand... Oh, it's nothing much."
"Steward is my last name, as well as my code name as an Operator. You should be able to tell what my ancestors used to do from my last name."

When you promote him:
"I'm glad you are satisfied with my work. Master Dobermann will be happy too."

Talk after promotion:
"Ms. Lava has a very distinct fighting style. I thought she was going to cast with her book, but her real casting tool was a dagger. Her style reminds me of that psychic who taught me Arts."

Talk after Trust increase 1:
"It is my honor to work for you, Doctor. If possible, I hope you can treat Ms. Melantha better. She is always by herself..."

Talk after Trust increase 2:
"Adnachiel is a mysterious one... No one can tell what he is thinking."

"Caster Steward reporting in. I'm glad to be working with you."

When you lvl him up:
"I have learned a lot. Thank you."

Added to Squad:
"Hey everyone, what can I do for you?"

Appointed to squad leader:
"Cardigan, always read the situation before you take an action."

4-Star result:
"With proper strategy, we can handle any tough situation."

3-Star result:
"A perfect victory. Good work, everyone!"

Sub 3-star result:
"Ansel, please check if anyone is hurt and prepare for our next battle."

Operation failure:
"Maybe we did something incorrectly..."

Assigning to Facility:
"Is that you, Cardigan? Hey, wait, don't touch the equipment!"

pilica-nevarya asked:

I don't know if you've already seen it but if you have friends and your/their clue exchange is on you both gain credits if you visit each other. THOSE credits you can use in the credit store. Though pay attention to, at the end of day, not have more than 300 credits. Because you can't store more than 300 during the day change and the ones more than 300 will be lost. So yeah... that is like a benefit of having friends. Idk for others *yet* except the support units.

coffee -

oh shit i didnt know you could get credits for visiting ill have to do that more often

and maybe its to give people more opportunities to give clues since giving clues gives more credits than getting rid of them? idk

pilica-nevarya -

Well when you go to your friendslist and they have this orangeish sign (I currently have clue exchange on in case you need an active one for reference) that indicates the clue exchange is on.

And yes I actually didn't even know you can get rid of them- But yeah in your reception desk you have that button with a hand holding a clue. You can select that and send clues to people. It lists your doubles/tripple clues and also highlights in orange the spot on your friends' clue list if they are still missing it. You get credits for giving someone clues AND for receiving them. So yeah that's a rather fast and nice way to gain credits.

babushka -

Arknights characters when they lose all HP: well, that's all i've got. Gotta go! See you when i'm ready to fight again!

Food Fantasy characters when they lose all HP: Im dying. Oh, it's so painful... If only my next life would be less cruel than this one...

I just discovered this in SilverAsh's medical report and dare I say: Adorable.

Add meeeee!

Since the topic is on arknights anyways: If you guys have friends spaces and want to feel free to add me! My boy Steward and my king SilverAsh would like to help you guys in your missions.

May I present you... my main-squad! Obviously sometimes adapting to the stage but this is my current main-squad and yes... I already made SilverAsh Elite 1 and am on the way of leveling him up fully as well as his sister. Amiya on the other hand is on standby for the moment.

babushka asked:

Hey, speaking of arknights, is the game actually playable? I am just starting it but i'm afraid that the same what happened with food fantasy happens: i was playing it, spending ages to get to the next level and spending resources of fancy characters just because they're fancy but never had enough resources to upgrade them and actually use in battle. Is arknights more user-friendly and less money-demanding in this sence? I heard that yes.

Yes the game is playable! With all 5 levels you unlock two boxes with Currency + resources. One of them is free and the other one costs Originium (1-3-5-8 I encountered as costs so far) which you can get for clearing a stage with 3-stars + when you clear it in challenge mode. Also for resources gain you can farm them in the supply stages sure it costs time BUT at the same time you lvl up your level plus increase the trust of your operators and when you cleared the supply stage with 3 stars you can let auto-deploy do the work.

Obviously 3-star operators are easier to upgrade than others but you can do the others as well once you get the hang of it they just need chips which you can get from the chips supply.

Also in the main stages I don't know if you've already seen it but they teach you some useful strategies and give you the operator you can use with it on top in the tutorial stages. Also resources to upgrade you get from the normal play through as well. Maybe more low-level but in your workshop in the base you can convert them into higher level ones.

In conclusion: Yes I'd say it is pretty user-friendly and less money-demanding. And especially in the beginning you have way more than enough sanity to proceed. Just around the third/fourth chapter though you sometimes have to wait for it recovering if you don't want to spend anything and use most of your stamina to farm resources yk... like I do XD

my liddol russian lady!

pilica-nevarya -

Psss! I have news for you! You can unlock their information and backstory. You get some basic info as soon as you have the information option unlocked and THEN with increasing trust/use of the operators, you get more background information! Like... today I achieved 100% trust with Steward (200 is max.) and unlocked the second archive file for him.

babushka -

whoa thanks thas really cool! I started gaining trust but unfortunately i don't have Zima yet, she is just a support unit i came across!

pilica-nevarya -

No problem! And then I wish you good luck getting her in a roll. Since she's really pretty good. I won't spoiler you how her E2 looks like but damn it's great!

my liddol russian lady!

pilica-nevarya -

Psss! I have news for you! You can unlock their information and backstory. You get some basic info as soon as you have the information option unlocked and THEN with increasing trust/use of the operators, you get more background information! Like... today I achieved 100% trust with Steward (200 is max.) and unlocked the second archive file for him.

I have one thing to say: We got em!

The only operator I truly absolutely wanted from the current rate up and now... here he is!!!

If someone needed any prove that I'm obsessing over this game... there you have it-

babushka -

so i started a new character collector-rpg-strategy mobile game and

oh no hes hot

pilica-nevarya -

Welcome to the arknights hell! I'm obsessed with this game! Was he your first summon you got? Mine as well. He's pretty great!